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Procuring treasury management services with competitive pricing and attractive terms is easier with guidance and support from CCM. Our spend management team will make sure you’re getting best-in-class financial services at the best price for all your treasury management needs:

  • Merchant services for credit cards, debit cards and mobile payments.
  • Electronic payment including ACH, EDI and wire transactions.
  • Purchasing cards for travel, entertainment, fleet and other expenses.
  • Lock box and armored car services.
  • Treasury management systems and software including SaaS options.

Emerging technologies like blockchain and increasing complexity in global regulations are elevating the role of treasury management, yet it remains a cost center and an indirect spend category with great savings potential.

Ways to save on treasury management

Many companies still rely heavily on spreadsheets, email and other manual processes—automating these tasks will reduce costs while greatly enhancing security and accuracy.

Identify and eliminate redundant and unnecessary processes that generate additional fees—like paper backup copies—to save money and reduce your environmental footprint.

Streamline and consolidate activities to gain a single, enterprise-wide view of all cash management and treasury operations.

We only get paid when you save

Our contingency-based pricing means our services pay for themselves. We only engage with clients when the savings potential is great enough to increase your bottom line with a small portion to pay our fees.

The holistic, managed services approach of CCM

  • Every client engagement begins with an assessment of your operational and financial concerns, goals and objectives.
  • We work with the staff and systems you have in place.
  • Our programs and services are structured on a spectrum that ranges from “help us manage” to “manage for us”, based on your needs and circumstances.

Can we help you control your treasury management costs?

Whether it takes the shape of paper or data, cash is king. Make sure this king doesn’t take more of your profits than necessary with sourcing and procurement help from CCM for all your treasury management expenses.