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"State of the Current Market – According to ProcurementIQ, a procurement trending organization, the steady demand for background check services, especially as social media has expanded, has enabled the industry to increase at a rate of 1.2% per year over the past 4 years."

Amidst the current economic uncertainty, one weapon can be used by any business to safeguard finances and enhance operations—spend management principles and resources. If your company needs a consistent approach, this report will get you started.

What is your data telling you? Investigate and recover opportunities regardless of dollar amount. Automate dispute submission and resolution tasks. Create systematic processes to drive and increase cost savings. CCM uses a leading technology that includes automated audit, business intelligence, and contract negotiation solutions.

Payroll service providers are growing into Professional Employer Organizations or PEOs, offering workforce administration, time and attendance and other HR functions besides payroll processing. CCM will help you determine the best HR administration option for your business by evaluating vendors and contracts.

CCM spend management consultants work closely with finance and procurement executives to monitor and reduce expenses on indirect spend categories. In the past few years, CCM delivered over 20.4M in contract cash flow for 6 Goldman Sachs companies and reduced unnecessary expenditures.

Uncover an optimal portfolio of print and copier equipment with CCM's custom solution. Most organizations have a large number of different types of devices (personal printers, network printers, MFDs and copy machines) located across various networks and non-network locations.

The pandemic has upended the global economy at an unprecedented speed and scale that has forced every business to leave the complacency of the status quo behind. Don’t miss out on the information condensed into this report—we’re confident it will ease and enhance your efforts.

In order to maximize cash flow and become as agile as possible to compete effectively and prepare for future shocks, we have put together a list of contract recommendations that we call The Doable Dozen, which offers twelve ideas for the major components of every…

Unfamiliar with indirect spend management or skeptical of the savings claims? CCM spend management has been saving law firms and businesses money for years, even the ones convinced they run lean. Our experts will assess your situation to identify savings opportunities.

With average gross profits that hover at about 1%, there’s no room for waste in the grocery business. That’s why one multi-billion dollar supermarket chain is always looking for ways to streamline operations and control costs. Our spend management service helped preserve a valuable business…