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 Is it the time to review or change your multifunction printers (MFDs) and printers strategy when businesses return to the workplace in a new work environment with possibly less paper and physical space? CCM’s expert team believes it is an opportune time to create significant savings in this area and save employees valuable time by reducing the number of devices—combining printing, scanning, and copying into a Multi-Functional Device (MFD)—reducing the number of different manufacturers, and creating a new users-to-devices ratio. 


Reviewing your current contractual volume commitments and contractual terms is the first step towards understanding the opportunity. Once you have a clear understanding of the current contractual commitment, you can start thinking about ways to adapt it to changing circumstances.  Key questions below:


  • Have you analyzed your full inventory of print devices and service rates lately to determine what you are being charged?
  • How do these fees compare to your NEW total volume of the outputs? 
  • Are current software, and scanning and printing procedures still applicable?
  • Do you know if your rates and your current capacity needs are aligned?
  • Did you compare your equipment alignment and cost to peer benchmarks?
  • Gathering input from stakeholders about space and post-Covid office environment.

CCM works with companies nationwide to reanalyze and consolidate equipment, reduce the number of manufacturers, and improve the ratio of users to devices. We conduct a detailed data analysis, evaluate onsite workflow, and draft recommendations to align your new needs with the current best practices and market offerings.

Our Average Savings Range from 15-30%.

Our subject matter experts have familiarity with all vendors in this space and would establish a new optimal solution by mapping MFD and printer models, as well as features and costs. We assist you in renegotiation and implementing a best-case solution for your new office environment and will continue to audit post-implementation to ensure all new KPIs and savings are achieved.


Let us help you uncover your savings potential and explore service models that make sense in a Post Covid environment.

Want to learn more?

Download our information sheet on Copiers and Printers Optimization and contact us to learn more.

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