Optimization of Copiers and Printers

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Uncover an optimal portfolio of print and copier equipment with CCM’s custom solution.

Most organizations have a large number of different types of devices (personal printers, network printers, MFDs and copy machines) located across various networks and non-network locations. A decentralized system results in:

  • High control costs due to various types and amount of total equipment portfolio

  • Overloaded IT departments

  • No volume or inventory control

  • No asset management strategy in place

COVID-19 presents an opportunity to evaluate and leverage new usage trends and future plans and match them with the best market offerings to achieve maximum values.

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Natalya Berdzeni

Natalya Berdzeni

Natalya Berdzeni joined CCM in 2005 and currently serves as President. Natalya has served in many critical roles and transitions at CCM. She oversees operations and client development, including the execution of spend programs and their operational support, with responsibility for the company’s financial growth and profitability.
Natalya Berdzeni
Natalya Berdzeni

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