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Background Checks Services Overview

Background checks are complicated, highly regulated, and come with big consequences. Have you recently evaluated the subscription makeup and pricing as background checks expanded for digital consumption? What kind of out-of-contract costs are you averaging?
small parcel shipping

Small Parcel Services Overview

Have you reviewed your true parcel costs across all shippers? Do you know what your freight and accessorial discounts are? Are you eligible to receive GSR/Money back guarantees? Learn more about our small parcel services and start saving money!

Procurement Advisory Services Overview

Have your considered how procurement skills and best practice are being used at your organization to better understand your current environment and processes? Learn more about Procurement Advisory Services.

Copiers & Printers Overview

Have you taken a look at your full inventory of print devices and service rates lately to determine what you are being charged? Now is the time to consider optimizing your copiers and printers fleets.

Records Management and Offsite Storage Overview

We assist our clients to redefine their offsite record storage targets and implement new pricing solutions. Ensure your processes, procedures and paperwork comply with industry standards and your IG process.

Annual Budgeting Tips in a New Post Covid Norm

CCM's four evaluation points to consider before finalizing your budget for indirect expenses in this Covid environment. Conduct product evaluations, audit usage reports, share your budget with other fiscally conscious colleagues, and get an expert opinion for your budget forecast.

Supplier Inclusion Programs

The value of Supplier Inclusion Programs can be manifold to a business by broadening the supply base to more potential opportunities while advancing the company’s diversity agenda. Large companies are looking to do business with diverse centric suppliers, and their total diverse-supplier spend grew by more than 150% over the past decade.

Now is the Time to Review Your Background Check Services

"State of the Current Market – According to ProcurementIQ, a procurement trending organization, the steady demand for background check services, especially as social media has expanded, has enabled the industry to increase at a rate of 1.2% per year over the past 4 years."

Three steps to navigate the pandemic economic recovery

Amidst the current economic uncertainty, one weapon can be used by any business to safeguard finances and enhance operations—spend management principles and resources. If your company needs a consistent approach, this report will get you started.

Payroll Services Overview

Payroll service providers are growing into Professional Employer Organizations or PEOs, offering workforce administration, time and attendance and other HR functions besides payroll processing. CCM will help you determine the best HR administration option for your business by evaluating vendors and contracts.

Case Study: Private Equity Optimization

CCM spend management consultants work closely with finance and procurement executives to monitor and reduce expenses on indirect spend categories. In the past few years, CCM delivered over 20.4M in contract cash flow for 6 Goldman Sachs companies and reduced unnecessary expenditures.
legal overhead

Controlling legal overhead for law firm resilience

Ten years ago, an economic crisis hit law firms sharply enough to compel a new pace of firmwide change and innovation. The new health and economic crisis of 2020 may have the same effect on the coming decade, making overhead and operational cost structures a new priority.

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