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background checks

Background check considerations for 2019

In a shooting in Aurora, Illinois, five Pratt employees lost their lives, including the gunman.

This was a horrific, senseless tragedy that is now leading to growing concern about workplace violence and if such violence could have been prevented by strenuous background checks.


Brexit supply chain concerns

Bracing for the possibility of a hard Brexit (the United Kingdom leaving both the EU and its single market), UK businesses who work with outside suppliers are taking efforts to manage risks related to Brexit uncertainty.  

Such efforts include renegotiating vendor contracts and offering additional training to employees about customs issues.

calculating expenses

How to save on MRO expenses

Maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) expenses often fly under the radar and for that reason tend to be easily ignored. MRO expenditures are those purchases that fall under the category of indirect spend and include things like cleaning products, safety equipment, maintenance supplies, spare parts, computers, furniture, etc.


The team of three for contract negotiations

In procurement talks with vendors, a team-based negotiation approach offers clear advantages over solo negotiation.
Team negotiation encompasses a wide range of skills, experiences and viewpoints that are highly valuable, but only if those individual capabilities are closely coordinated.

Fact sheet: Spend less to run your business

Unfamiliar with indirect spend management or skeptical of the savings claims? CCM spend management has been saving law firms and businesses money for years, even the ones convinced they run lean. Our experts will assess your situation to identify savings opportunities.

Case study: Supermarket spending analysis

With average gross profits that hover at about 1%, there’s no room for waste in the grocery business. That’s why one multi-billion dollar supermarket chain is always looking for ways to streamline operations and control costs. Our spend management service helped preserve a valuable business relationship.

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