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Visualize and Control your Vendor Performance

Spend Contracts KPIs Diversity Scorecards

CCM offers a cloud based technology, with no additional IT infrastructure, integration, personnel, support or maintenance costs.

  • White glove approach
  • Highly robust technology
  • Centralized access to your key vendor data
  • Single location for contacts
  • Control your vendors, risk and spend
  • Create time saving automations

CCM Spend Control Portal

Benchmark to Identify Savings

We clean, normalize, and categorize payables data, provide insight into possible savings opportunities and benchmarks based on CCM expertise and market intelligence.

Spend Insights

Quickly grasp spending trajectories and actionable opportunities. CCM summarizes your previous and current spending patterns by category of spend, converting raw data into practical insights.

Savings Tracking

No estimates, only actual results count. CCM tracks and reports on savings delivered.

Contract Management

Single location for all of your contracts - reduce risks such as auto renewals, price increases, spend minimums, and more. No digging around to find your contracts and missing renewals. Stay up to date with every contract by using custom alerts.

Vendor Diversity Scorecards

Start or grow your supplier diversity program with comprehensive data analysis, reporting, and tracking. We assess and enrich your current data with the most comprehensive and accurate diverse supplier data available.

Supplier Performance

We take recurring, time-consuming data collection, monitoring and analysis off your plate. We report KPIs and cost drivers unique to the spend category, and provide additional optimization roadmaps identified by our team of subject matter experts.

Key Advantages

A single location

A centralized location for all of your key vendor contract information and spend metrics, allowing you to quickly understand where you stand with any supplier or expense area.

White glove service

We upload all your relevant data and metadata, ensuring that it’s updated throughout the engagement, so you can focus on the big picture.

All data connected to actual spend

Visualization of live general ledger data versus expected spend allows you to take actionable steps to manage vendors.

Access to extensive expertise

We connect you to experienced procurement professionals and category subject matter experts to help you meet your goals.

Our tools are built by procurement experts for effective spend management, enabling us to deliver amazing results and allowing clients to achieve their supplier initiatives!

Our tool can help you save optimize manage scale