Spend Categories and Vendors

Deliver optimizations and actual savings, while embedding best practices

Our service starts with spend analysis across all indirect suppliers to organize and derive actionable insights on current purchasing patterns.  It enables us to create custom solutions to reduce spend with little operational impact.

Spend Categories 

Operational Expenses 

Breakroom Supplies
Maintenance Contracts
Packaging Supplies

Facility Outsourcing
Medical Supplies
Waste Management

Pest Control

Administrative Expenses 

Furniture & Furnishings
Off-Site Document Storage


Office Supplies
Small Parcel Shipping

Finance & HR Expenses 

Background Screening
Payroll Services

Drug Testing
Temp Staffing

Merchant Services
Treasury Management

Technology & IT Expenses 

Cellular / Mobile
Equipment Lease
Voice & Data Lines

Conference Lines
IT Subscriptions
Web Hosting Services

Network Voice

Our vendors include

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