Three steps to navigate the
pandemic economic recovery

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❝Winning companies accelerated profitability during and after the recession, while losers stalled.❞
Bain & Company

Early cost restructuring and financial discipline are two of the areas where winners excelled

Amidst the current economic uncertainty, one weapon can be used by any business to safeguard finances and enhance operations—spend management principles and resources. Yet only a quarter of companies practice spend management discipline.

If your company is among the majority with no consistent approach, this report will get you started.

Source: Beyond the Downturn: Recession Strategies to Take the Lead, Bain & Company

Spend Management Approach to Business Resilience

This report packs a lot of ideas into a dozen or so pages:

  • Three immediate steps every business can take.
  • Advantages of access to external benchmarking data.
  • Stress-testing to operate with fewer resources.
  • Skills needed for the next recovery phases.

For those skeptical of spend management claims

Some business leaders are uncertain or believe their operations are already optimized, yet the following results we’ve attained across various industries show how significant the outcomes can be:

Client Savings Redirected cash flow
Regional Full Service Bank
$2B Assets, 75 Branches
$700,000 per yearBalance sheet, technology and staff
Wholesale Food Distributor
$1.2B Revenue, 1500 Employees
$1.7M per year Healthcare costs, technology and marketing
Industrial Manufacturer
$800M Revenue, 2700 Employees
$2.9M per year Healthcare costs, re-staffing, technology and new products

PLUS: You can get spend management services for zero upfront costs via contingency-based plans.

Emerge a winner in the pandemic recovery

Take advantage of this guide and the opportunity to schedule a complimentary call with one of our spend experts. We only get paid on performance—no savings opportunity, no engagement.

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