Private Equity Optimization

Contract cash flow
Hard dollar savings
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CCM spend management consultants work closely with finance and procurement executives to monitor and reduce expenses on indirect spend categories.


Perform optimization and pricing analysis of Shipping, Multifunctional devices (MFD), Office Products, Background/Drug Screening, Telecom, Uniforms, Electronic Payment Commerce and Treasury Management. Create spend controls and leverage market best practices. Perform a comprehensive analysis of pricing, contracts and processes in order to achieve spend visibility and savings.


  • Created increased visibility of spend.
  • Corrected areas of day-to-day category management.
  • Created and implemented expense audit policy.
  • Revised and adjusted all vendor SLA’s and contracts.
  • Involved and integrated corporate staff into spend issues
    and solutions.
  • Brought focus and awareness to staff about how they buy and what they buy.
  • First level of standardization, right-sizing and streamlining of all products and services.



  • Lack of spend visibility. No optics/metrics.
  • No standard corporate indirect corporate policy.
  • Category management, resource constrained.
  • Market pricing and structure knowledge.


  •  32% annual cost reduction across multi-category indirect spend.
  • Best in spend category pricing and structure.
  • Ordering/buying efficiency throughout staff. .
  • Additional $400,000 savings from eliminating renewal fees and spend overages.
  • CCM stayed engaged with the company during contract life to audit savings.

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