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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Subject Matter Experts

Senior team member with significant industry experience, delivering deep category knowledge to our clients. They have a current familiarity with key market players, dynamics, and insight into pricing structure, assisting clients to structure the best custom deals with their suppliers.

What is Managed Procurement?

A flexible service offering to assist clients in some or all areas of procurement. CCM embeds a business management function to bring financial efficiency to indirect spend, align purchasing with the strategic objectives of company leaders and deliver savings.

Why use Managed Procurement?

It is difficult, costly, and time-consuming to kick off a new centralized function at any organization and build an effective team. CCM Procurement program offers a turnkey solution to any organization that comes with personnel, best practices, and market intelligence unavailable through hiring. On day one, the CCM team will begin implementing processes, and technologies and identify savings opportunities. CCM can scale an internal team to meet current and future needs.

How CCM helps with Supplier Diversity?

CCM assists Clients to understand their Supplier Diversity Profile, a key component of ESG. This program is typically controlled by Procurement. CCM enhances your existing data with the most comprehensive and accurate supplier data available, runs a supplier assessment, score card, and tracks spending & program growth.

Do you execute your recommendations?

Yes, CCM’s model is results driven and we lead our clients on implementation. We build a custom strategy for our clients, execute that strategy with appropriate client supervision, and then audit to ensure the strategy results in the promised savings.

Do we still receive a bill if we decide to not implement your recommendations?

No, CCM only bills on realized savings that it can audit and prove to our clients.

Can CCM be flexible on its contingency billing model?

Yes, CCM offers a flat fee, contingency, and hybrid fee models. Typically, CCM works on a gain-share and thus takes on all the risk in a client engagement. However, that approach is sometimes adjusted based on our client’s needs and volumes. We are very flexible in our fee approach.

How long does it take to implement savings?

Depending on a Supplier or Spend Category, implementation typically ranges from 60 days to 120 days with longer timeframes sometimes necessary for complex change management strategies. Bringing in CCM gives our clients the ability to tackle multiple spend categories simultaneously.

What type of savings can I expect?

Our current average category savings range is up to 50% – it all depends on the supplier and spend category. Current client savings average 21%, plus mitigation of future supplier increases.

Is there proof of savings achieved?

Yes, our cloud-based proprietary client portal displays and tracks obtained results. All clients can see reports on actual savings achieved and value received at any point in time. The CCM team collects actual supplier data on a monthly or quarterly basis, conducts audits, and reports the results on the portal.

Does CCM manage contracts?

Yes. We offer a white glove service and a centralized hub for all your spend and contracts. We manage risks such as renewals, auto-renewals, price increases, spend minimums, and more. No digging around to find your contracts or guessing what is in them. Most importantly it ties to your actual spend data, connects directly to your general ledger, and evaluates how actual spend compares with expected spend and whether business terms can be improved.

Can I stay with my current vendor(s)?

Yes. We strive to achieve maximum savings with your current vendor(s) while requiring no operational changes. We recommend a change if we find significant opportunities to improve pricing and/or service through alternative vendors, but you are free to use whichever vendors you prefer. All your contracts remain between you and your vendors, and you will continue to be invoiced directly by your vendors.

Is it ever too soon to renegotiate a carrier contract?

No. Clients are not required to wait for contracts to expire. Vendors often raise their rates at least once a year, so why not address flaws in your agreements? Vendors are used to clients requesting renegotiations before the expiration of an agreement, especially if your business needs and/or spend profile have changed.

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