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Procurement Solutions

Expert Led Flexible Scalable On Your Terms

Why do you need Procurement?

A centralized procurement program mitigates supplier risk by vetting external suppliers and establishing the appropriate cost, contract and service frameworks most beneficial to your organization. Outsourcing procurement is a cost effective and fast way to establish a fully functional team that leads to targeted and transparent results.

Common Challenges without Procurement

Inefficient Processes

A lack of process when purchasing results in redundancy and greater risk of fraud or unethical practices.

Poor Contract Management

Organizations often struggle to manage their contracts with suppliers, standardize T&Cs, negotiate excellent business terms and monitor supplier performance. Without a contract management platform, key information may be lost - leading to potential disputes, missed opportunities and auto renewals.

Limited Visibility into Spend

An organization may have limited visibility into its spending habits, making it difficult to make informed decisions about how to allocate resources, manage suppliers and execute cost initiatives.

Fragmentation of Spend

Due to a lack of strategic sourcing, it may be difficult for an organization to identify the best suppliers for their needs - leading to suboptimal purchasing decisions.

Results to Expect


Centralized responsibility for purchasing in a single flexible department, new policies and guidelines, well negotiated and managed key vendor relationships.

Spend Visibility

Tracking and understanding of current and past spending patterns, identified areas for cost reduction, and improved ability to make informed decisions on purchases.

Cost Reduction

Reduced, standardized and optimized cost structures driven by subject matter expertise and market intelligence.

Contract Management

Implemented centralized repository of contacts which are managed, standardized, and negotiated by professionals for best business terms.


Access to knowledgeable contract negotiators, supply chain and risk management experts with continuous insights into market trends.

Supplier Diversity

Understanding of your supplier diversity profile, implemented process to monitor KPIs across diverse suppliers, and opportunities to improve.

Why to engage CCM?

  • Flexible and bespoke approach, adaptable to your business organization
  • Technology, vendor and third party agnostic
  • Access to category experts
  • Flexible cost model
  • Savings across a large range of spend categories
  • Access to CCM’s Spend Control Portal

Additional Advantages

    Kick-off Supplier Diversity Efforts

    Working with your firm to assist in the development of a comprehensive supplier diversity program.

    Oversee Supplier Risk

    Helping to define custom supplier risk criteria CCM recommends a process to effectively monitor and reduce risk.

    Effective Budget Management

    Tracking your spend and sharing market insights helps you to stay within budget and be prepared for large expenditures.

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