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Large Healthcare Company

Reduced Rate per pickup
OSHA fee eliminated
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Proper medical waste removal became an immediate issue for this large healthcare company and its practices, the following document outlines the solution.


This healthcare company operations team in conjunction with Chase Cost Management (CCM) set out to optimize the service received for Medical Waste Removal.

By partnering with the right vendor we set out to:

  • Increase Service Levels / Standardize Pickup Schedules
  • Reduce Monthly pricing
  • Reduce Box rates
  • Create a program and partnership with the chosen vendor


  • Multiple vendors across the company
  • Limited spend visibility
  • Minimal service efforts by current vendor(s)
  • Lack of vendor partnership



  • Each site will be onboarded into this program individually. OnSite will analyze waste volumes from previous years and exact the optimal pick up schedule. Complimentary trainings on waste tech offered to each practice.
  • Although this was not the sole focus of this effort, each site will no longer be charged an OSHA compliance fee in addition to saving 25% per box picked up.
  • OnSite is determined to be the ideal partner throughout all practices. CCM & Onsite have created a program in which all locations can be onboarded efficiently. Additionally, transparency around pricing and services will be clear to all practice operators.


  • CCM worked with many vendors to build the optimal program across all “healthcare company” practices.

  • The healthcare company, per CCM’s advisement chose OnSite Waste Technologies to be their sole waste management vendor.

  • Collaborating with OnSite will provide all of the company practice’s and Ops Manager with direct access to a dedicated national account representative, ensuring swift resolution to any questions or inquiries that may arise. Moreover, aside from the cost-saving benefits, securing a dependable waste management partner was a crucial factor driving this decision-making process.

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