Spend Categories

Optimizing spend across 10 core expense categories

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Operating Services

Printing and Copying: If you see paper in your offices, you’re seeing costs that could be eating away at profits. We will analyze all of your print and copier equipment, utilization and corresponding costs to create a new custom solution with standardized types of devices.

Shipping: Assess your options to reduce shipping expenses without jeopardizing delivery expectations. We will address your needs using data-driven analytics and reporting to identify trends, examine
current business activities and needs, and detect areas for improvement and optimization.

Telecommunications: Give your mobile and distributed workforce the communication support they need with the best pricing.

Treasury Management: Keep more money in your treasury with our financial services expertise.



Office Products: Prevent those little office supplies like pens and sticky notes from becoming big expenses.

Off-Site Storage and Shredding: Achieve competitive new off-site storage  and shredding arrangement that would deliver cost savings and allow to destroy and retain materials in accordance with the recent retention activity and a long-term retention plan.

Energy / Utilities: Keep the lights on with access to our tactics and experience in managing energy costs.

Maintenance (MRO): Monitor and reduce recurring costs for maintenance and repairs.


Human Resources

Background / Drug Screening: Screen all candidates and re-screen some employees regularly while managing this growing cost burden.

Payroll and Staffing: Determine your best options while controlling payroll and other HR expenses.

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