Streamlined and Savings-Savvy: A 280-Location Company's Cable Management Success Story.

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Nation's largest post-acute care provider achieves nationwide standardization and spend visibility with cable providers.


Achieve centralized spend transparency and cost & service optimizations for cable services across all 280 centers nationwide. Create spend controls, policies and guidelines for onboarding and off boarding centers, establish national contracts and inventory controls.


  • Decentralized data: 280 centers, 20 vendors and over 150 inactive contracts.
  • Unavailability of many cable agreements, ad hoc “service” charges.
  • Expired services still being billed, multiple cable accounts in use at one center.
  • Ongoing center divestments & acquisitions.



  • Created and distributed a center wide survey, allowing for self submission of contracts and invoices by each center administrator in order to get an accurate reading on the current state.
  • Established a rolling baseline for all centers and as refresh progressed, determined savings each quarter.
  • Ran a nationwide RFP to solidify the best pricing, incentives and multiple tiered service packages for client to choose from.
  • Recommended to use the Champion-Challenger model and award business 80% to one vendor and 20% to another. This gave them a contingency plan for all subsequent optimization phases.
  • Advised to create a center divestment strategy, in which all incoming operators assume the current cable contract.
  • The program created allowed the client to rollout to newly acquired centers at the locked in rate according to the master agreement.


  • Identified current state through surveying and data collection
  • Implemented a phased solution to refresh expired contracts and narrow the service and pricing gaps
  • Created master service agreements with standardized services, channel packages and pricing across two different vendors
  • Implemented a policy and monitoring procedure to effectively onboard and offboard centers

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