Identify and realize savings across all spend categories

Expense Reductions

Procurement as a Service

Our clients only pay for what they need and use. There’s no need to bundle activities or technologies.

Expense Reduction

Deliver savings across a range of categories

Category or vendor specific projects delivering optimizations and hard dollar savings, while embedding best practices.

Clients rely on our expense category expertise to support their product/service evaluations and achieve market best pricing for chosen categories and/or vendors.

  • Flexible fee structures, including no risk contingency based on hard dollar savings.
  • Clients make all decisions and are not obligated to follow any of Chase Cost Management's recommendations.
  • Pre-engagement qualification process offers no charge category evaluation.
  • Solutions include rate reductions as well as optimizations based on deep category expertise.
  • Custom solutions to reduce spend with little operational impact.
  • Specific KPIs, identifying errors, credits and new savings.
  • Ongoing verification to ensure savings stick.
  • Current benchmarking to peers, industry and market.

The CCM expense reduction program follows a proven Six Step Process.

Procurement as a Service

Support across a wide range of procurement activities

We combine technology, staff, and expertise to handle all or part of your organization's procurement function.

Our main focus is on spend management to identify cost savings opportunities, process standardization and transparency. We support a wide range of procurement activities:

  • Procurement Advisory & Strategic Sourcing

Provide assessment of the current state, procurement process and opportunity. Recommend and implement policies and guidelines that are flexible and adaptable to the current business organization and culture. Drive sourcing efficiencies and support your organization by negotiating cost savings through the utilization of market knowledge and subject matter expertise.

  • Category Management

Develop and maintain strategic supplier partnerships, which will benefit the firm. Ongoing optimization across a client’s portfolio of vendors. We establish a timeline and process to manage the suppliers, uncover best value, and monitor specific KPIs and new savings opportunities. Commonly applied across marketing, HR, IT and electronic subscription.

  • Contract Management

Source and implement a CML tool that is preferred by a client. Defining KPIs and tracking them within the selected tool, helping clients take the required action to instill an effective and proactive contract management process. Assist with configuring the workflow for the creation and approval of contracts.

  • Expense Reduction

Expense reduction is the core goal of any CCM engagement. Our deep vendor expertise and market insights will lower costs for current services and enhance value across all categories CCM touches. We will train your organization in our methodologies. (i.e. Copiers/Printers, IT Solutions, Office Products, Background Checks, etc.)

  • Diversity, Risk & Integrations

Generate supplier diversity reports, assist in setting and improving current diversity spend targets. Offer and implement processes and technologies to scale the impact of clients’ ESG programs and reporting. Offer supplier qualification tools to gain a thorough understanding of supplier capabilities, certifications, and policies to ensure it fits your acceptable risk profile.

  • Post-Merger Integration

Set supplier synergy goals post-merger. Assisting and overseeing supplier integration, achieving economies of scale, identifying contractual constraints and negotiating best synergy outcomes, supported by defined KPI’s.

Each engagement is customized to the specific requirements of each client.

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