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Identify and realize savings across all spend categories

Expense Reductions

Category Management

Procurement Advisory

Reduce costs. Enhance profits. Gain spend visibility.

Expense Reduction

Deliver optimizations and actual savings, while embedding best practices

  • Spend analysis across all suppliers
  • Derive actionable insights on purchasing patterns
  • Custom solutions to reduce spend with little operational impact
  • Share deep category expertise to deliver optimizations

The CCM expense reduction program follows a proven Six Step Process.

Every project we work on is unique, but our approach is always similar to achieve the most optimal savings and measurable program results!

Category Management

Proactive supplier management with measuring metrics that matter

  • Ongoing optimization¬† and accuracy oversight
  • Specific KPIs, identifying errors, credits and new savings
  • Current benchmarking to peers, industry and market
  • Boosting cost savings from strategic sourcing initiatives

Procurement Advisory

Support across a wide range of procurement activities

Clients rely on our analytics and execution capabilities to support their category management, deal negotiations, and key supplier relationships.

Each support engagement is customized to the specific requirements of each client. Most of our support engagements include but are not limited to:

  • Procurement process review and recommendations
  • Procurement guidelines
  • Spend analysis
  • On-demand market intelligence
  • RFP requirements gathering and negotiations support
  • Contracting support
  • Supplier performance management
  • Ongoing savings tracking and reporting
  • Policy and guideline documents

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