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What is your data telling you? Investigate and recover opportunities regardless of dollar amount. Automate dispute submission and resolution tasks. Create systematic processes to drive and increase cost savings.

CCM uses a leading technology that focuses on reducing transportation costs through automated audit, business intelligence, and contract negotiation solutions.

Our solution addresses customer needs using data-driven analytics and reporting to identify trends, examine current business activities and needs, and detect areas for improvement and optimization.

Learn more about how CCM services small parcel optimization to determine cost reduction opportunities.

Natalya Berdzeni

Natalya Berdzeni

Natalya Berdzeni joined CCM in 2005 and currently serves as President. Natalya has served in many critical roles and transitions at CCM. She oversees operations and client development, including the execution of spend programs and their operational support, with responsibility for the company’s financial growth and profitability.
Natalya Berdzeni